Henry Blackaby makes this assertion: God is working around us always and sometimes he invites us to join Him.

I see nothing in Scripture to contradict this maxim, nor does anything in my half-century of tracking with Jesus suggest it is anything but true.

The Church tends to present The Faith as something complicated, institutional and difficult to access for the uninitiated.  I am suspicious of things so lofty or so complex that only experts and professionals can comprehend them.

After all, small children often make the brightest spiritual observations. And having spent time with God’s People in Africa, Asia and Latin America, I can tell you of outstanding Christians who are unlettered.

Everyone has certain likes. I like taking dense, complicated religious stuff and making it more user-friendly. I am always on the lookout for better language to say what I want to say.  Like Blackaby’s statement above.

Which brings me to Africa…again.

Long before Henry wrote Experiencing God, I set out to discern what God was doing and to figure out where/how I am to plug in.

In 1980 God invited me to join Him in Mombasa, Kenya. GOD was about to unleash the Gospel in that part of the world in a historic way and for whatever reason He decided to invite me to the party.

When I got to Mombasa, I entered an Islamic stronghold of a thousand years. The surveyed Christian community was estimated to be no more than 7,500 souls or about 1.5% of the half million population. The culture was Gospel-resistant and had been for centuries.

Mombasa was not viewed as a city on the verge of Spiritual Awakening.

But it was.

Through the determination, sacrifice and faithfulness of a relatively small band of Christian workers – Kenyans and ex patriots – the Word and the Spirit went forth and the Gospel took wing.

Today local Christian leaders estimate that 900,000 of the 1,500,000 inhabitants of Mombasa & environs are within the Christian community. A single Christian congregation is reportedly building a 20,000 seat auditorium!

Few Revivals in history match this 30-year spiritual transformation.

And the Jesus Express keeps trucking along!

God continues to link us with other passionate lovers of Jesus among dozens of church groups throughout Kenya. These sold-out disciples of the Son of God are sharing their creativity, inspiration, spiritual gifts and hard work to fill up heaven and to bring God’s People in East Africa a new level of competence, righteousness and maturity.

I’m glad I joined Jesus in what He was doing in Kenya in 1980. And I’m glad I agreed to join Him…again…next week.

Join us DAILY at for the next FOUR WEEKS as we Blog words & pictures to illustrate how Jesus is alive and well and O so active. We’ll illustrate what happens when we agree to accept The Invitation to join Him in what He is doing.

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