EAST AFRICA LEADERSHIP TRAINING ITINERARY — July 10 – August 3                                                  

When we ministered in Kenya in January & February, we had strong prayer support undergirding us. The results were spectacular! At times we could literally FEEL the lift of the prayers.

We are once more into new areas in Africa with new relationships.

We will be ministering in some traditional Muslim areas. In other areas tribal violence has been severe and recent. Travel (air & especially land) is always a challenge & is often dangerous. Food & water-bourn illness are always a concern. Malaria is endemic. Of course, the response of the participants is our highest concern. Families and businesses at home need prayer cover, too.

Thanks in advance to you who will be praying daily & you who will pray as we come to mind. Your prayer involvement is critical to the safety & success of this ministry. We do not take your intercession for granted.

ALSO, be sure to join us daily as we blog.

Our posts will be posted here at . (Go ahead and check our FIRST TWO POSTS!) I’ll write & Richard will provide photo and editing expertise. We will be checking email as often as possible – do write if you have a word for us or a question.

Re: Time in East Africa is eight hours ahead of CDT. E.g. 8:00 am in Little Rock is 4:00 pm there.   6:00 pm CDT in the States will be 2 am the NEXT day in Africa.


Sat/Sun                JL 10 &11             Drive to NW AR – fly to Chicago –                                                                              fly to Brussels – fly to Nairobi, Kenya

Mon                      JL 12                      Fly to Kisumu (in far western Kenya)

Tues                      JL 13                     Drive to Tanzania

Wed – Fri            JL 14 – 16             Leadership Conference – Tarime, Tanzania

                                                             Back to Kenya

Sat – Mon           JL 17-19                Leadership Conference – Kisii, Kenya

Tues                      JL 20                    Drive to Kakamega, Kenya

Wed – Fri            JL 21 – 23             Leadership Conference – Kakamega

Sat – Sun             JL 24 – 25             Minister in local churches – Kisumu, Kenya

Mon                      JL 26                       Fly to Nairobi – fly to Mombasa – drive to Malindi

Tues – Sat           JL 27-31                 Leadership Conference in Malindi

Sun                        Aug 1                     Minister in churches in Mombasa

Mon                      Aug 2                     Fly to Nairobi – evening flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tues                      Aug 3                    Ethiopia to Germany – Germany to Chicago to NW AR – drive home

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  1. jpamplin says:

    Hello Doug – My wife Cora and I have just finished reading all of your postings and we are delighted to hear how the Lord is blessing many through your ministry. We really enjoyed your piece on your experience on the bus in Birmingham. We all have choice words, as born again believers, for the people who we come in contact with that can make a Godly difference in their lives. We will strive to be better doers in the future in that area. Thank you for the testimonies that you sent also, they were a blessing unto us and enlightening also to what God is doing in Kenya and thereabout. As we make these comments, we lift you and Richard up in prayer to the Father. God Bless you and all those who are with you on your mission. John and Cora

  2. Ralph and Rena says:

    Doug, we received an e-mail from Bradley and he forwarded this site to us. How wonderful to hear what’s going on in your life at this time. We want you to know that our prayers are with you and the team as you continue your mission. Always remember that God loves you and so do the Bowlings. Been a long time, and you are one of our favorite memories.

    • Doug says:

      What a wonderful thing to hear from you and with such a blessing! Thanks so much. Thanks for your prayers.
      God moved us up to another level in ministry with scores of people saved (although there were no evangelistic
      meetings on the agenda) and scores of people healed — many while simply sitting in the meetings. We introduced
      the Transforming Prayer model which provides a practical way to do the ministry of Jesus (Luke 4:16ff): evangelize
      the poor, heal the sick, bind up fractures hearts, peel off the demonic & usher people into God’s season of grace.
      Hope you guys are well. Would love to see you again! Blessings.

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