After a 36 hour trip, Richard Cazzell & I (Doug Van Devender) arrived in Nairobi at midnight Sunday night. The journey was mercifully uneventful (Travel Tip: avoid Brussels airport if at all possible).

Prayer Points:

  • Thanks for safe arrival (with our luggage)
  • Prayer for the team travel today as we gather in Kisumu, Kenya
  • Important long-range planning meeting with parties from three countries
  • Great sensitivity to the Holy Spirit – discernment and wisdom from Him in every detail

Would you like to know more?

We flew from NW Arkansas airport to Chicago – then to Brussels. We were in the last two seats bringing to mind Paul’s description of apostles as the least of all humanity.

Approaching the south coast of England, United Airline served their famous breakfast ball: a shrink-wrapped collection of wholly unmemorable breakfast snacks. Richard regretted not bringing a catcher’s mitt to snag the balls as the attendant tossed them to us.

Our flight to Nairobi made a nighttime stop in Bujambura, Burundi – a short, remote strip recalling the old description of Africa as The Dark Continent.

Albert and Nancy Mulemi (pastors with Faith Victory Association) forsook their night’s sleep to collect us and our massive luggage pile (including 100 pounds of training materials) & transported us to the Paneri Hotel next to the Nairobi game park.

Finally at 2:00 am we crashed, before delivery of two bottles of water (still waiting) and the internet access code (just got it).

We had the wholly memorable Kenya Hotel Breakfast Buffet (which will bring you back). Richard read Psalm 121:7-8 as our get-up-and-go Word for the day.

We fly to Kisumu at 2:00. Tea planned with the team and with friends who may become part of our relational network of folks whose passion is to ‘do the Jesus stuff’.

Hopefully more tonight. Thanks for your prayers.

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