AFRICA REPORT — A Prophet in the Wilderness

Doug Van Devender & Richard Cazzell  July 21, 2010

Yesterday we visited the largest charitable development project in Africa run by our friend from Oklahoma, Calvin Burgess.  Dominion Farms is a 17,000 acre reclamation project that aims to feed and train 1 million people in the next ten years.

Calvin is a deeply devoted follower of Jesus who is fed up with religion that does not produce the fruit of Christ. Calvin is prophetic in his call to authentic faith, but his prophetic calling is more than words. He is putting faith into action to feed a nation and redeem an at-risk generation. He has spent a personal fortune to those ends.

We traveled two hours from Kisumu to extreme western Kenya to a spot near Lake Victoria & the Uganda border. The area is remote; the travel difficult and dangerous. Along the way we passed the Obama home place.

 We were met at the farm by lovely, competent Christian staff who ushered us to an ‘Out of Africa’ guest house,  then took us on a two hour driving tour of the Farm.

Calvin has reclaimed 3000 acres of papyrus swamp and turned it into a frutiful garden of rice fields, banana plantations, bio-diesel fruti trees, poultry production and innovative Talapia farms.

All of the staff were cordial. They enthusiastically showed us what God is enabling them to do.

The capstone of the Farm is an innovative school that will soon be training 1,000 students a year in personal development, spiritual formation and vocational training. Led by Kris Abir, a tough-minded, kingdom-of-God-focused follower of Christ, there is a unique blend of mercy and practicality in the operation.  

Calvin’s and Kris’s goal is nothing less than salvaging a generation of young people about to be bypassed by the harshness of life.

Our piece of the puzzle is to resource the training team with the Transforming Prayer model with which to bring emotional healing to the thousands of young people moving into adulthood.

We got a kick out of Andrea from South Africa and Montana who flies his Arkansas crop-duster under power lines while dodging flocks of suicidal birds. He has found a great fishing hole in the Yala River where he pulls 3’ catfish out of the current.

NOTE TO SELF: Bring fishing rod on next trip to facilitate relationship building with Andrea.

This morning we enjoyed watching a young Water Buck stroll into the yard and settle down to watch the strange creatures from America stuff all their junk into the back of an already full SUV.

After a fabulous breakfast we headed through the hills toward Kakamega, where the meeting started on time two hours late. More on this conference in next blog.

Thanks for your prayers. You and they are truly enabling this ministry effort.

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