AFRICA REPORT — Kakamega Conference July 21-22, 2010

Doug Van Devender & Richard Cazzell

We just finished the first two days of the Kakamega Conference with about fifty leaders. Richard and Joseph will continue to minister Friday morning while Ben and I race to Kisumu to start the two-day conference there. Hopefully Richard and Joseph will join us for the afternoon session. (Are my ‘abandonment lies’ stirring…?)

This meeting is being held in a tin building located at the end of a long, narrow alley, between two urban slums known as Slaughter and Donkey Dung. Pastor Charles Waranga is the hosting pastor, the brother of Pastor Patroba in Tanzania. Last night we had supper at Ben’s home place where his elderly mother hosted us with a fabulous, traditional Kenyan meal. (Her neighborhood is named Misfortunes.)

We taught the foundational material to open the Conference. The receptivity level ramped up from a dead stop in the beginning to about 60 mph after the first two hours. Then Richard taught on Equipping the Saints to do the Ministry of Jesus. I led a group prayer time in which God moved deeply in the people to bring healing of wounded and broken hearts.

Today Richard taught on Forgiveness and led a group prayer in which the Holy Spirit settled powerfully on the group. Many reported release from personal pain and a fresh joy.

In the afternoon we did two Transforming Prayer demo prayers. One man and one woman in turn sat in front of the group while Joseph and I prayed for them. The sessions were very quiet, but Jesus — as usual — did a really fine job. (He is very experienced.) Both people reported total release from a lifetime of pain and frustration. There was a great inflow of peace, joy & optimism for the future. The larger group was very excited by what they witnessed.

The meeting capped with several testimonies that, as the sessions up front progressed, the observers had had their own dialogue with the Holy Spirit — which ended with the same results! (I really like group prayer.)

One pastor’s wife reported she had been in a great internal struggle for the past two weeks, but during the meeting today the Lord had released her. She sees that there has been for her great purpose in the meeting happening at this time.

Richard and I would like to say something about the people we are ministering with and to.

God has sent us to the poorest of the poor. These people have little to sustain themselves and their families. They elect to live in squalid slums and remote villages in order to evangelize and minister to those residents. They do this with a passion for Jesus and a determination that humbles us.

These folks live under a ‘low heaven’. They cannot continue to function without the regular, miraculous intervention of God. God is near these people. He loives them deeply. And, as we watch and pray, He is healing these healers in a marvelous way.

It is a great privilege to know and associate with such saints. Our deep desire is to find new and larger ways to “help the helpers” so that they can maximize their calling in Christ and continue to drive back darkness in Africa with the glorious light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Maybe you’d like to be a partner in the effort?

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