AFRICA REPORT- Malindi Conference, July 26-28, 2010

Douglas Van Devender & Richard Cazzell


Time to get out of Kisumu & catch flights to Nairobi & Mombasa.

When we checked out of the hotel, the electronic network went down, so we couldn’t pay for the room. This created an interesting situation. We couldn’t stay and we couldn’t go! Richard finally arranged for Ben to temporarily cover the payment & the clerk let us go, terrified no one would ever pay her. Ben did, fortunately, and we made onto the Kenya Airways flight. Joseph Omondi accompanied us.

After a lengthy layover in Nairobi, we arrived in Mombasa. It is mid-winter here, so the weather is in the 80s, with 70% humidity and a wind blowing off the ocean. Nice.

We were met by our longtime friend and Gospel co-worker, Emmanuel Chai, and a group of old friends. We loaded up and headed for Malindi, a three-hour trip up the coast, which incluyded a quick stop at Nakumat for bottled water & a toothbrush for Doug.

We checked in to the old Eden Roc Hotel (where we have stayed twice before). It has the feel of former British colonial days. I’m sure a few of the staff grew up in that era.

The rooms are Spartan: bed with mosquito net (much required), old a.c. wall unit, and most basic bathroom. No phone, clock or TV to distract.


The Leadership Conference began, hosted by the Soul Harvest Church, friends of Emmanuel. The building is in a slum and led by Pastor Patrick & his lovely wife Alpina. They have three beautiful children named Morris Cerrillo, Kathryn Cullman and Benny Hinn (I kid you not!)  

About 300+ people are expected to arrive by the time the conference is half over. Things tend to move at that pace in Africa.

In the a.m. Doug taught on WHAT GOD IS DOING IN THE WORLD & DOING THE MINISTRY OF JESUS. Richard taught on TRAINING THE SAINTS TO DO THE MINISTRY OF JESUS. The attendees were unusually receptive and the day ended on a note of anticipation.

Malindi is an old town with a Italian influence, a tourist trade and a hardcore Muslim community. The town is dirty, disorganized and vibrant. Whatever else you can say about Africa, there is LIFE here.


 Doug woke early with a strong impression to teach a new lesson today. Richard and Joseph headed for the meeting while Doug did a quick study. Richard taught on FORGIVENESS which had a major impact. Doug did a group prayer & then taught on FREEDOM: GETTING OUT FROM UNDER RELIGIOUS LAW & GETTING UNDER THE LAW OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

The effects of the teachings were to break many of the participants loose from old personal & theological ‘baggage’.

After a massive lunch of rice, mashed potatoes, chicken & fresh fruit, we dashed back to the meeting for Doug to introduce the Transforming Prayer model. Again there was a tremendously positive response.

The prayer model gives believers a simple way to address deep personal issues that have not responded well to conventional counseling, prayer or RX.

Tomorrow we will do demonstration prayers in front of the group, always a high wire adventure, never knowing what needs will manifest and how God will address them.

We walked down to the beach this evening, enjoyed the Indian Ocean crashing on the beach for a while, and bought a few souvenirs from a pair of local vendors.

 There is a continuing peace and presence of God on our meetings. Even after more than two weeks of travel and ministry we feel relaxed and carried along by God and by your prayers. Thanks!

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