AFRICA REPORT – The Nine Hour Lunch & The Ten Hour Church July 31 – August 1

Doug Van Devender & Richard Cazzell


The Malindi Conference finished, we packed for the move to Mombasa. Pastor Mwangi from Watamu came by to collect us and our bags. After a full breakfast, we made a flash shopping trip into Old Malindi, accomplished with the surgical precision of a military operation.

We bought some gifts for folks at home (bringing an end to our Shillings), then hit the road to Emmanuel’s home place. I’m sorry to say, the road hit back – repeatedly. The journey would have been a blast on four-wheelers, but in a small, overloaded vehicle we felt like we had been pounded with large fish by the time the day was over.

Noon lunch with Chai & visiting pastors was relaxed and massive. The home-cooked meal included piles of rice, potatoes, spaghetti, roasted goat & chicken, okra, tomato & cabbage salad, and fruit right off the trees outside the window.

By four o’clock we were on the two hour final leg of the journey which rattled loose all our internal organs. Ugh. I needed a Ronco Internal Organs Tightening Tool (two for only $19.95)!

We spent the night in the beautiful White Sands Hotel which we could afford with the generous ‘Muslim discount’. Life is stranger than fiction.


Richard had mercy on Doug and Joseph by taking a 7 a.m. cab to early service at Faith Victory – Changamwe without us. He preached for the English-language service on the topic of “Forgiveness”. The response was quietly powerful as many members seemed to be moved by the Word. The associate pastor asked the people how many were genuinely forgiving others in response to the message – 90% raised their hands.

Joseph and I caught up with Richard at 10 a.m.  Joseph was quickly shipped out to preach at Bishop Robert’s Mission to Heaven and Richard was transported to the Jesus Is Lord Anointed Ministry to speak for Alice Ngetsa. Doug stayed at Faith Victory for the Swahili service.

Richard again spoke on Forgiveness to a crowd of 300+. There was a huge out-pouring of prayer by the congregation. Again, the ministry time was quiet, with the Holy Spirit appearing to do a deep work in many. Pastor Alice capped the meeting by giving her own testimony of being healed in prayer when she forgave, and how peace and rest have followed. She then prayed for almost 40 people needing physical healing. A good time was had by all.

(Late note: Alice reported by email that many people were healed during the service.)

Doug spoke on Being Established in God’s Love to a congregation of 300. I told them that we are certainly facing difficult times. What enables us to push through to the end is being established in God’s love. The group prayer at the end was a quiet, powerful ministry session. When Emmanuel called people forward for healing prayers, instead of the forty he expected, only five came. Later, he found that many people reported they were healed during the service and did not require individual prayer at the end.

Joseph spoke in a new church that can be described as ‘earthquake and fire’ but is not yet grounded in the essenitals of The Faith. He counseled them on how they might move in that direction.

We finally collapsed after our ten hour church day with a relaxing supper at the hotel.  Tomorrow we begin the 44-hour return trip which hopefully will deposit us safely at home Tuesday night.

Those of you who have been praying – please keep us covered for a couple more days. Your prayers have played an important role in three transforming weeks among God’s people in East Africa.

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