KENYA REPORT – Over Greenland August 3, 2010

We’re on the Frankfort-Chicago leg of our return trip.

Outside it’s 54 degrees below zero. Below our airplane, the mountains and glaciers of Greenland stretch in every direction as far as the eye can see. Quite a contrast to equatorial Africa.

 Yesterday several of the leaders who hosted the Coast Conference gave us a sent-off at the Mombasa airport. Departure is always a bittersweet moment: we are looking forward to getting home, but unsure when or if we will minister again with these dear co-workers in Christ.

We flew to Nairobi passing Mount Kilimanjaro on our left. In 29 years, this is the first time I (Doug) have seen the entire mountain without cloud cover. At over 19000 feet, the main peak is the highest summit in Africa and the sight is arresting. Quite a final ‘visual’ to the spiritual heights we reached in the past three weeks.

In Nairobi we had a final strategy session with Bishop Ben Bahati. He and Global Field Evangelism are beginning the second chapter of their ministry after twenty years of incredibly effective evangelism and ministry to widows & orphans. Transforming Prayer training is part of their growth plan as God continues to do an amazing work of spiritual, emotional and physical healing with this model.

We also said goodbye to Joseph Omondi who did a fabulous job or translation and ministry during our 3-week trek. We left him fighting malaria – by now we hope he is feeling better. We also said goodbye to Albert & Nancy Mulemi, our ministry partners in Nairobi.

The first leg of our evening flight took us to Ethiopia where we sort-of enjoyed a four hour layover. I bought pounds oif Ethiopian coffee. Robust. Addis is situated on a high plateau and the weather was cool. Then we boarded Lufthansa for Frankfort.

The night was clear – the stars just out of reach in the ink black sky – the land below devoid of light for 1500 miles. Before dawn we traversed the entire length of Italy, picking out familiar geographical shapes and cities. Nighttime Venice was spectacular from 36,000’.


As you read this, Kenya is commencing a Wednesday voting referendum (Tuesday night-early Wed a.m. USA time) on a new Constitution.

The new legal foundation is needed and almost everyone agrees on 90% of the new document. The other 10%, however, has polarized the country as surely as our own politics are polarized in America – with some similarities.

Our American government has tampered with the political process by injecting almost $25 million to fund passage of the new Constitution.

The disputed provision in the new document are

  • The functional legalization of abortion
  • Granting preferential rights only to Muslims (who make up just 10% of the population), and
  • Opening the way for government suppression of the evangelical Christian community.

There are three grave concerns we are asked to address in prayer for the people of Kenya:

  • That an accurate reading of the people’s votes will not be subverted by voter fraud
  • That social upheaval & violence will not follow the vote, and
  • That the voting Church and many others will choose righteousness as Kenya’s future.

I would add a fourth request: to ask God for forgive America for financially funding the subversion of  another nation’s religious freedom.

 Thanks for your prayers for us throughout the trip – and for tackling this final prayer request. We credit God with a base-clearing Grand Slam in the five conferences and ministry in local churches. And we expect to see continuing & lasting results from the amazing grace and mercy of God’s Spirit.

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