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My brother-in-law, Fred Cruse, died ten days ago after an extended illness. His family and friends gathered last Monday in a rural church in south Mississippi to eulogize and bury him. The day was bitter-sweet. Bitter from the loss of … Continue reading

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Recently, TERMINEX ran a commercial that was truly prophetic.

The enthusiastic instructor stands before the class of eager recruits ready to finish training and get busy killing pests.
The instructor says (pointing at a diagram on the board), “You must get at the source of the problem.”

And therein rests the fundamental problem in America. For two generations we have thrown money at every issue – domestically and internationally — while carefully avoiding the identification, admission and attention to those roots.

But now the money has run out and that failed remedy is no longer useable. (Though we are going to try to make it work for a little longer.) And the problems aren’t going away.

Instinctively, everyone realizes we can’t go on like this.

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