The following report from ground-level near the crippled nuclear reactors in Japan is encouraging and gives hard info upon which to pray for those people. (Reprinted with permission — webmanager@reviveisrael.org)

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©3/27/2011 Asher Intrater


By Ariel BlumenthalThe Lord is opening up a spiritual window over Iwaki, Fukushima.  The radiation scare has kept much aid and reconstruction away; and the usually well-organized and hard-working authorities seem totally confused about what to do.  Yet, the radiation here continues to be remarkably small, even smaller than in Tokyo—160 km further south!  (Iwaki is the largest city near the reactors, just 50km south).  All this adds up to a unique position for the Taira-Iwaki Church, one which reminds me of Paul’s shipwreck in Acts 27.  

Paul was one among hundreds of unbelieving pagans on the ship—more than the ratio of Christians in Japan relative to the overall population.  Yet, the Lord’s hand was upon him, and because of his intercession, everyone was saved, even though the ship was destroyed.  We are seeing the Lord’s hand on this church and the leaders (Pastors Mori and Ikarashi). Trucks of Christian volunteers arrive on a daily basis, and they are doing the work that the government cannot do.  Pastor Ikarashi has the ear of the mayor and others.  In the midst of the storm, bridges of love and outreach are being established for thousands of people. 

We believe the next step is to start daily revival meetings at the church.  The usually very busy Japanese have nothing to do but wait.  Pray for a spiritual breakthrough for revival in Japan.  

Lastly, a medical team of 60 Israelis along with 60 tons of material arrives tonight to the Sendai area.  I may head north to work with them for a few days as a translator. 

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