Into Maasai Land – Blog 4

The Mombasa meetings and visits to the orphanages concluded, we (Doug, Richard, Lydia & Joseph Omondi) checked out of the hotel at 4 a.m. Monday and flew to Nairobi. Bishop Chai and Simon Menza accompanied us. After an extended coffee break at the NBI airport, we packed into ‘well used’ vehicles and headed for Maasai-land with Richard driving one vehicle (Yikes!).

The coast is warm and damp. Maasai-land is very arid, resembling many areas of TX and NM. We stopped to check in at the Maasai Ostrict Farm located fifteen minutes west of the tarmac on a – shall we say – marginal road. The Hotel and tent grounds offer rustic lodging and a nice food service.

The meeting at the Kiret International Faith Victory Church finally got legs about noon as we drove another 40 minutes out into the bush to Isinya to get there. We were met by Pastors Joshua and James, Maasai pastor brothers, who had amazing testimonies of God’s intervention to bring them out of darkness into the Light of Jesus.

The first day’s meetings went well, although the people kept their distance as they sized us up.

The second day the Holy Spirit broke through and a spirit of joy filled the church. The people received us and the message we delivered with great warmth.  Lydia preached a barn-burner that activated the attendees.

The meeting ended with a strong relational bound established and plans being discussed openly for us to return to visit multiple Massai locations ‘on the inside’.

Joseph was sent on what seemed to be a simple errand to pray at a new house dedication somewhere in the Maasai reserve. He was transported many miles to a dirt track where he was transferred to a motorcycle for an 8 mile off-road experience.

Finally there, he met a large group of people at the new house of a Christian family. Joseph preached the Gospel and 40 people made initial commitments to Christ. And then he prayed over the house. On the trip back, the car cracked the oil pan, and they got back after dark after stuffing toilet paper in the hole in the oil pan. He had the full ‘missionary experience’.

The next morning at 4:30 am we bid Lydia goodbye and Richard drove her to the Nairobi airport. She flew to Belgium to visit a friend and then on to Conway, AR for her last semester of university. We have missed her ‘rock star’ drawing power since she left.

Richard got back to the Farm just in time to watch Chef Juma cook us an ostrich omelet from a single egg. We closed out this segment of the trip with a productive meeting with Emmanuel and Simon evaluating where we are in ministry together and where we need to go in the Lord.

Wednesday was a fatiguing transition day. We dropped Joseph in Nairobi to fly back to Eldoret for the women’s conference at the GFE church. We fought traffic all day getting through Nairobi and up to Thika. Actually road time for the 100 miles trip was more than four hours. The urban sprawl around Nairobi is astonishing and the infrastructure is running one or two decades behind the explosive growth.

Tomorrow we start our sixth and final leadership training event in the mountains above Thika. The Holy Spirit has encouraged us to believe that this might be the most significant meeting of all.

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