On Wednesday evening we had a long supper at the Blue Post Hotel in Thika with conference leaders Albert & Nancy Mulemi. After a lovely meal of fresh foods, the conversation moved from the polite to the serious.

During our heart-to-heart discussion we made a major advance in our ability to deal honestly and frankly with each other and with ministry issues. Little did we know that this relational move to a deeper level would trigger a similar response of openness in the conference pastors.

On Thursday morning we drove west up the flank of the Aberdare mountain range to the Recovery Gospel Church in the Kanwangi.

We were met by host Pastor Jack Kamau in the little metal building hanging off the side of a steep ridge nearly 8000’ above sea level.

The first morning about 40 pastors and leaders gathered to hear us teach our introductory lessons ‘The 5-Minute Bible’, ‘The Ministry of Jesus’ & ‘Equipping God’s People to do the ministry of Jesus’.

The pastors are part of a new network of leaders seeking greater unity among area churches. This was their first actual group conference. The receptivity of the leaders was remarkably warm.

Richard stayed for the evening ‘revival’. He preached to a growing congregation on FORGIVNESS. The Holy Spirit fell on receptive hearts. Richard prayed over the group, leading them to forgive those people with whom they had unforgiveness and whom God brought to mind — then to bless them. The congregation left in a hush.

Friday morning we started with testimonies of what God had done in the hearts of the people the previous day. A passionate out pouring of testimonies flowed for two hours. In this small space it is impossible to communicate the degree of brokenness, repentance and transformed thinking.

In the afternoon, Richard and I conducted a Transforming Prayer demo with a young man named Samuel. Samuel reported an inability to sleep more than 3 hours a night for 3 1/2  years because a demon regularly came to harass and even attack him.

After a gentle, quiet prayer session we got to the root of the problem. He had stolen some ‘spiritually tainted’ money and opened himself to demonic harassment. He confessed his sin to God and prayed a beautiful prayer of repentance. After that the demonic presence he felt lifted off. He reported a peaceful feeling, and with a bit more prayer, a great freedom.

After the successful prayer demo, Samuel’s father, Pastor George Kamau, stepped forward to confess that he and his wife had been at their wit’s end after three years of unsuccessfully trying to bring healing to their son. He said, “You have healed my son and our family.”

We are happy to report that the last two nights Samuel has slept long and peacefully and is joyfully telling everyone what God has done for him.

Saturday the meeting continued with Doug teaching on how to recognize lies in the speech of people we encounter and with whom we minister.

After lunch we broke into three groups for ministry. Richard met with the pastors. He prayed for one, then held an open forum regarding the teachings of the meeting and other ministry-related subjects. Doug met with forty teens for a wide open forum on youth issues. Both sessions were pronounced a great success by the people.

Albert and Nancy met with the women. God opened their hearts to reveal high levels of emotional pain. The Spirit came on them and much healing took place. Some reported never having had an opportunity to express their pain and never received any ministry for their heartache. Albert and Nancy reported the experience changed their perspective on ministry dramatically.

The meeting ended with many personal testimonies from the pastors who reported greatly altered views of ministry and a great excitement about embracing and using the Transforming Prayer model.
Before making the drive to the hotel to eat and rest, we accompanied Nancy to her mother’s small mud-walled house. There Nancy’s grandmother had been caring for Nancy’s mother who was immobile with debilitating pain in her leg and who seemed to be the early stages of dementia.

After a quiet time of prayer with the presence of the Spirit being quite strong, her mother reported the pain was gone. Grandma tested her claim by pulling Mama Nancy to her feet to dance and praise God together in Kikuyu. Mama Nancy began to smile and converse freely for the first time in weeks. (The two attended church this morning and her mother appeared to be functioning normally.)

After dark, we took their gift of many bananas (from the tree outside) and made the hazardous nighttime trip back down the mountain to Thika.

This morning (Sunday) Doug preached at the Covenant Promise Church with Pastors George & Veronica Kamua in Kanjuku village. The congregation of about 150 packed the small metal shed that houses them. The worship was atmospheric in its celebration, enthusiasm and energy level.
Doug preached on the topic of OUR THREE RELATIONSHIPS WITH GOD. The congregation enthusiastically received the word, and one man prayed for reported later that he had been totally healed of his physical illness.

Richard preached for Pastor Martin Chacha at Christian church International—IGEGANIA, a sister church of about 300 people. The service was great with spirited worship and a powerful and humorus youth drama warning the people against false prophets.

Richard preached again on FORGIVENESS with a similar result to Thursday night. The people were deeply convicted of their unforgiveness and bitterness, and many forgave old offenses and grudges. They left church walking to their home places telling people on the road what God had just done in their lives.

After a wild run to the Nairobi airport, we enjoyed a final cup of wonderful Kenya coffee, wrote this blog and headed for the international departure wing. We’ll add pics in Amsterdam (PS: we are now there) and upload this too you.

Again, for all who have prayed, your contribution to the spiritual success and safety of this trip cannot be overstated.

Final comments after our arrival home – Wednesday.

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