NEW JESUS SIGHTINGS — Reports from Open Air Slum Meetings in Western Kenya

I am often asked, “Why does Jesus not do today the things He and the Apostles did in the
New Testament?”

Simple answer, “He still does.”

Case in point: the ministries we have been a part of in Kenya since 1981.

One group of churches our Transforming Prayer Team has been working with is Gospel Field Evangelism led by Ben and Mary Bahati. We have assisted them with leadership
training in western Kenya and recently also partnered with their ministry in

GFE’s motto is WE GO TO THEM. And go to them – the poor in Africa – they do!

Eldoret (where GFE is based) is a sprawling country town of 1 million+ surrounded by large urban slums the conditions of which are nigh onto indescribable.

Ben and his team have been effectively carrying the Gospel into those slums for years.

A few months ago during a property dispute, an adversary of GFE bull-dozed their metal building (which seats several hundred people). While the dispute was being litigated,
the church temporarily met in a large tent.

Recently the Spirit prompted Ben to use the tent to conduct a series of ten “slum meetings”
in a circle around the edge of Eldoret. The second of those crusades ended a week ago.

Ben emailed a report to us. I am copying the relevant portions of his report below as
we received them. (I’m sure you’ll forgive the rough nature of the text.)

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BlackBerry by AT&T


From: Benedicto Makani

Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 06:11:37 -0700 (PDT)

To: Richard Cazzell

Subject: No regrets for $ 2000

Dear … Richard and Cathy…,

Once again this is Ben and Mary from Kenya East Africa. Thank you very very much for praying for us , this last Tent Revivals that just ended on the 25th September has left us amazed .

The Lord has used us in a great way , our team who are under training about 57 young men and women teamed up with us to help where in the meetings and helped things move even faster with a lot of unity and co operation.

The tent was erected on Tuesday in the heart of a slum known us Langas in Eldoret town in the Rift valley of Kenya.

[NOTE: Richard and I led a two day Pastors Conference in Langas slum in 2010. Langas was a primary site for horrific tribal violence and killings during Kenya’s post-Election violence in 2008.]

The surrounding and environment in the area is unbelievable. Drugs, alcoholics, prostitution, witch craft , thugs, robbers, reports of people owning guns illegally etc.

We saw the walls surrounding and binding these people flattened down by the power of the Almighty God in the Tent Revival.

We had two teams this week Willy and Kevin and a team of 4 others were doing film shows (Jesus Movie) and school meeting and thousands are hearing the good news and coming to Jesus.

But for Mary and I and another team 57 bombarded the Langas slum with the good news of Divine Change and following them up.

The 1st day of the Revival was Wednesday a report came to us the police just arrested one gun robber in the area. The 1st day we did three sessions from 3 am to 7 pm. …after all the messages 200 came on the front and knelt down on the the dust of the ground in the tent on their own and acknowledge that they turning to Christ and that they got what they were desperate for change and now they got what they needed. Praise God.

On Thursday we did the same with Three preachers including Patrick , Joseph Omondi and myself another 125 came on the front to be prayed for to receive Christ.

On Friday Morning asked people with needs for more prayers and testimonies for praise God to turn up and i will be waiting them as from 7 am. and 30 turned with
wonderful testimonies on the change they had received from Christ and others needed prayers for deliverance.

By Sunday 507 had prayed to receive Christ.

In these meeting some of my disciples were there to help, Joseph Omondi, Joseph Mbai, Peter Wafula, George Kemos , Patrick Asava, Moses Otieno , Opiyo Dickson Liboyi , some church Elders and Women from Spiritual Life Center, Choir and other musicians too.

Here are Testimonies that are just a few , we can not finish, it is like a continuation
of the Book of Acts Of the Apostles in Langas, no wonder when i read the last
sentence of that book it does not end with AMEN , THAT MEANS THERE ARE other testimonies like these that will continue being written.


As you read these testimonies i wanted you to know that if God would have only touched one of the the following people , just one,with all the energy, time and funds that we used , i would still be contended and not complain.

All the $ 2000 that you gave to be used in this meeting was accounted for and we will be glad to forward the breakdown to you. God bless you as you read.

ALICE NAFULA – 35yrs old
I got saved on Wednesday 21st September 2011. on that day I was alcoholic.
After salvation when I went in the house I was thinking of a great change when
a friend came and brought me a drink but a miracle happened when she was giving
me the drink, it dropped from my hand and splashed down. And since then I have
decided to give my life totally to Christ.

I got saved on 21st September 2011. I had a problem with my family for many
years and my husband had no job. After attending the conference, my husband
went to seek for a job and he found one. Everyday after attending the
conference, I would go home and find something new has happened. I give glory
to God and I have decided to follow Him forever. The problem that was in my
family God supplied to us.

SATINA MMBOGA – 55yrs old
I got saved on 24th September 2011. I had a problem in my business but after
attending this conference and prayed for, the Lord has seen me through.

BENJAMIN KYALO – 24yrs old (picture 5)
I got saved on 21st September 2011. I really thank God for the good change and
great mighty works like giving me the peace of my heart, opening opportunities
of favor and grace upon my friends, family members and neighbors. I feel in my
heart that he is promising mightier deeds upon my life. I feel released and
free from the heavy and bulky burdens of the devil. i regret wasted years in
alcohol , it has coasted me my degree in Makerere University in Kampala ,
Uganda , one thing i can say i know am not what i am supposed to be and at the
same time i rejoice from this week i am not waht i used to be. Amen

GIFT OBONDO – 8yrs old
Today i s a begging of my new life in Christ. My mom passed away and my dad is
not known his where about. I stay with my grandmother. Lack of school fees and
food is the problem that I have now , sleeping is a problem also. I pray that
one day God will remember me to be like other children. Pray for me.

MARGRET MASINDE – 30yrs (picture 7)
I got saved in 2000 but I backslide I have renewed my salvation in Christ on
23rd September 2011 this week ,in this conference. I had high blood pressure
and ulcers but after prayers, I received my healing and have new strength

I got saved on 23rd September 2011 in the conference. I have attempted to kill
myself 3 times by taking poison , once i was taken to mortuary and was there
among the dead for one full day unconscious, they thought i was dead but in the
morning one medical student saved my life when he touched my body and realized
it was till worm , they carried took me to the hos[ital where other patients
were and i was treated , this spirit of suicide was still following me before
this meeting i was planning to poison myself with these three kids which are
prat of my family that my wife abandoned me with but after prayers of the
servant of God, on 23rd of this month I went home, during the night I was transformed and there was a change in my mind and I decided to keep my family and leave everything to God.

I got saved on 22nd September 2011 in the conference. After I got saved, there
are many changes in my life as per what I was encountering in life. I had a
problem of suicide attempts due to rejection and divorce that has been coming
over and over in our family from parents to children. After prayer, there is a
big release from bitterness and suicide attempts.

I Paul got saved on 24th September 2011 in the conference.
I Ann I thank God for He brought you here in Langas. You were sent for me. I
had no job but I received a job after attending this conference, i seen that
Jesus i still alive and well.

EMILY KHAVUGWI (picture 12)
I got saved on 23rd September 2011 in the conference. After I got saved, my
marriage was restored and also happiness in life. I was sick and after prayers
I had an instant healing. I had also a problem of miscarriage in my pregnancies
after every seven months of my pregnancies but I believe that after prayers, I
know am healed.

I got saved on 22nd September 2011 in the conference. My headache which has
been there for 5yrs stopped after I was prayed for. I have also experienced
changes in my life for example, I have no bitterness and also I can now at
least pray. But now I pray and believe that also my husband will be saved and
receive the change that I have received. Pray with me in this.

LILIAN MUSIMBI – 25yrs (picture 14)
I got saved on 21st September 2011 in the conference. I had a sick child but
now the child is improving after prayers. The prayers I received, they are
transforming and penetrating to my life and family and am thanking God for the
change I have experienced since 21st.

MARTHA MUTHONI – 15yrs old
I got saved on 21st September 2011 in the conference. I have been suffering
from rejection until I have been thinking of killing myself ,at this age am
carrying a pregnancy of a man who has rejected me and the child and he is
abusing me with all sot of curses . i also was having thought tio attempt
prostitution in order to feed myself, But after attending the meeting and after
prayers, all has gone and i feel then freedom of God.

I had backslide separated from my husband , and in that course , i was infected
by HIV but after attending this conference I decided to rededicate my life to
Christ on 24th September 2011. Since that I have received a lot of changes in
my family i even went back for HIV test after prayer and it came out negative.
I give all the glory to him.

MARY NDUTA ( 18 yrs)
I got saved on 23rd September 2011. I used to have terrible dreams before I got
saved. After you prayed for me, the dreams and night mares are gone and have
never come again and today am very happy and comfortable because I slept

MARY KALALI – 20yrs (picture 19)
I got saved on 21st September 2011 in the conference. Since I was prayed for, I
have experienced a great change, my prayer life is renewed and I have freedom
and a renewal of mind

[Ben Bahati] Thank God for all these and many others we have not shared here, after this 2nd tent meeting 2 home churches have been born in Eldoret.

I just wonder i God would have not used the Business man that invested the $ 2000 to enable us go To Langas what would have happened to these wonderful people?

last Sunday we baptized 43 and 120 visitors came to our Sunday church service
at Spiritual life Center

We have a request , we have passion and a vision of doing many of these projects of the tent , we want to see Jesus at work, We are Trusting God for another $ 2000 to be able to do this Jesus stuff again next month.

May God bless you as you pray about it.

One thing i a sure Our Kenyan team after seeing all this that the Lord Did they all went on their knees and prayed for your business, and that what ever your touch with your hand it flourishes.

Nothing dies in your hands, you a covenant brother from another mother. We love
you man.

Today i am in Pretoria , South Africa…,
They told me what we need is the message from God and training of the Pastors
and Evangelists.

God bless you and hoping to hear from you soon,

Ben and Mary Bahati

PS We will email photos soon.  +254 718 969079.

[Doug] Jesus is still doing the same things he did in his brief time on earth in the 1st century (see Luke 4:16ff):

Evangelizing the poor

Healing the sick

Sending crushed ones away in release

Peeling the darkness off people &

Declaring that God’s grace-favor are ‘in season’.

Jesus is also still doing what He did in the 1st century: delegating His remarkable ministry to faithful, capable people who love and serve Him out of good hearts. (see Ephesians 4:11-16)

You might like to get in on this Jesus-action in East Africa. We – and they – can use plenty of help.

Email me (Doug) at for suggestions on how you might grab a piece of the action.


Doug and Richard










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