As I reported in the previous blog, the Global Field Evangelism Team led by Ben
and Mary Bahati continues to GO TO THEM – THEM being the hundreds of thousands
of extremely poor people crowding into the wretched slums surrounding the
booming city of Eldoret, Kenya.

What follows is Ben’s report on the 3rd of 10 tent crusades that are bringing the resurrected Jesus to the desperately needy people in those urban enclaves. (The earlier report on the 2nd open air event follows this posting.)

Ben reports on Crusade #3:

Dear Friends,

This was a declaration of 5 people among the 51 that we baptized on sunday
morning in a cold sirikwa hotel swimming pool in Eldoret.

The baptisms started at 6 am but the new converts  didn’t care the cold I guess
because they had received warm hearts.. ‘For 3 years we’ve never stepped in
church , but now the truth has located us at our doors through this powerful
revival in the city tent conference

Our Church congregation in Eldoret has been highly inspired by these Tent Revival Meetings and this time round 70 evangelism team and other church members joined us to support us.

375 prayed to recieve Christ 75 new members joined our Church for the service and  baptized 51 and a new home church fellowship has been born in Hill school bringing the home churches to three now born out of these tent meeting in Eldoret slums,

one of the new converts by the Name Jane has provided us with her home as the venues the new home church in Hill school.

Our big appreciation comes to you for investing into this project that was inspired by the Divine changing power of God. All the church prayed for you , your business and families, when they saw what God can do with $ 2,000.

The Lord has anointed us to preach the Gospel to the poor, He has sent us to proclaim freedom to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind , to set free those who are oppressed , to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.

We need you to join us in prayers again us we believe God for another $ 2000 for the next meeting which will be on the 23rd through the 27th November in another Slum known as Sunkunanga off Nairobi road from Eldoret.

We are open to providing the breakdown of the last $ 2,000 and how it’s spent, to who ever the Lord Touches to sponsor one of these God ordained project.

Last sunday we had a good problem [in the main GFE church in Eldoret], our old members almost all of them standing lacking chairs to sit , since we have increased in the  last two months from 350 to 938 including the children , adults alone were 728.

Thank you, thank you ,thank you, pray for God to give us wisdom on how to disciple these new coverts till they multiply the kingdom by evangelising when they are fully discipled.

I can see that what the Lord showed me of 2000 members in our Eldoret church after completing these 10 meetings is becoming real, just finished three and seven more to come…continue reading the testimonies: -


I Am a musician and am in a band that sings secular music. I attended music shows like kass and chamge where am paid Ksh 10,000 per show. I have three kids who depend on me together with my parents.

My life was full of drunkenness whereby I can’t see where my money am paid goes because I cant pay even my children’s school fees. It happened that when I went for HIV/AIDS test on 31st  September this year I was tested positive.

This has given me a lot of stress to an extend of trying to commit suicide by taking poison.  Some two weeks ago I took poison called ‘rat & rat’ but by the grace of God I was rushed to the hospital and doctors gave me medication and got healed.

I felt like I had no hope again in life. I was suffering from the spirit of rejection, since my parents and children have no one to depend on and to make it worse; I also found out that my second born child is also positive.

But when I have given my life to Jesus through this meeting, at least I have hope and I will continue to depend on God.


I am a backslider who has just received Christ once again. My life was full of ups and downs. Before I backslided, I had both parents and good friends. Suddenly my parents died and I had no other wise in life, even my friends forsook me.

This made me feel as a rejected fellow in my society that had no future. I loosed interest of  Christ and I started living the worldly style.

After college which I joined in 2007 to 2009, I got married. My neighbors never wanted anything to do with me. Life became like a desert where there is no hope.

Its up to this day (20th October, 2011) when Bishop Ben preached and touched my heart, where once again I was healed in my heart and allowed Jesus in my heart to be my personal savior here at hill school.

I have decided to offer my home as a place of fellowship to everyone from my neighborhood, since I was blessed at the tent meeting,I have also decided to become a blessing in the body of Christ..its the much I can do, please keep me in your prayers.


My wife took off with my kids and left me all alone, hence I became desperate and life became miserable to me and I felt rejected, I was angry with my wife more than the situations surrounding me.

When I came to Hill school according to the preaching (its like the world has taken me) the preaching was on how Jesus delivered the mad man at the tomb and that story related to me.

In my life I was being used of the world and I was a prisoner in my life but now I have decided to be born again so that I can die with and resurrect with a new life.I gave my life to Jesus on Thursday, I have seen now some changes in my house for those few days. My thinking now is being renewed on and no longer feel like am rejected.


I was a prostitute and used to walk with robbers and they took me to be one of them, we used to rob banks…. I organized for my clique to go and steal in places that I have studied them and got money that way.

I went to the doctors and by last month I had diagnosed HIV positive.I heard about the meeting from the house and came to the meeting where I received Christ and I am now [meeting] I have left robbery and I want to serve God wholeheartedly.

I want the church to pray for me to get a job, to help in educating my children and I want you to help me enroll in a bible school. Thank you.


After I received Christ in my life I got married to another man who was good to me. He treated me well, but It reached a time when he became adulterous and drunkard. We had one child together but all was unpeacefull.

This got me worried and terrified until we separated. I continued with life as a hustler. My life was full of oppression. I struggled, my people never wanted to see me. I was a burden in their life. I gave up and loosed focus until I got married this year in September to another man.

It was at this time when I heard about this tent meeting organized by Bishop Ben Bahati. He inspired my heart with the word which touched my heart and now I have purposed to live according to God’s word.


My legs and palms have been paralyzed since the year 2008. I could not walk nor hold anything with my hands. This problem affected my chest. I started feeling a lot of pains in my chest.

My husband, children and relatives got worried so much about me. They thought I was going to die. They took me to different hospitals and I even used many herbs but it didn’t not help.

I thank God for his servant Bishop Ben Bahati who brought a tent meeting at hill school estate. At this place, he prayed for me and suddenly I felt God’s power flowing within me.

All the pains in my chest disappeared and I can walk and hold things once again.

I was re-committed back to Christ again, and I was later baptized after the tent meeting. Keep me in your prayers, I would love to grow more and deeper into God’s word.


I thank God for saving me through this revival in the city tent meeting, I was a desperate drunkard with no hope for the future.but I heard about this meeting from a friend and I decided to attend the meeting with no expectation of an extreme make over.

I decided to give up my life to Jesus after bishop gave a great preaching that reflected on my life so much. at first I felt cornered but I decided to stop drinking and smoking cigarettes. I am now a new creation in Christ Jesus.. Glory to God.

[BEN Continues:]

We have many testimonies that we can not finish all, what you read are just a few.

God bless you and hoping to hear from you soon,           Ben and Mary


God continues his amazing work of granting the gift of LIFE in East Africa. We are very humbled and blessed to be a small part of what God is doing there.

Want to get in on the action?

The November GFE crusade is already planned. The GFE team will need $2000 US to cover expenses. Want to pitch in?

Also there is an obvious need for HUNDREDS of Swahili and English Bibles and New Testaments for new converts to own and read. How can they grow into the fullness of Christ Jesus if they do not feed on His Word daily?

Any contributions to the next crusade meeting or the Bible purchase fund can be sent to

TRANSFORMING PRAYER   POB 313  BEEBE, AR 72012.  A charitable tax receipt will be provided.

We will immediately transfer your gift to GFE to be used in November.

Even if you don’t wish to give financially, PLEASE pray for the GFE team as THEY GO TO THEM with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


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