Our ministry partners in western Kenya are proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus
Christ to the poor in the slums of the burgeoning city of Eldoret.
     They have just completed the 4th in a planned series of 10 tent meetings
circling the city.  I just received the initial report of the meetings from Ben
Bahati (below) with more testimonies to come.
     Lord willing, I’ll be with Ben & Mary and Joseph Omondi and the GFE
Bible School the first two weeks in January 2012. I’m scheduled to teach the
entire Gospel of John to some 80 pastors and ministers from around Kenya.
     I expect Jesus to ‘visit’ the class.
     Just what does that mean?  Stay tuned….
      Now, Ben’s report (with minor formatting):
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 11:46 PM
Subject: # 4 Kenya Eldoret Tent Revivals Report from Ben
Brother Doug,
     Here is more reports from our last week meeting, we finished the tent Revival
Last Sunday Night and wanted to share with you this report , we are soo
that God was able to use your ministry to sponsor this meeting.
     …we didnt preach last night because of a heavy rain that prohibited us from
reaching to the tent all the cars that were carrying the chairs stuck in the mud
we all stuck there to push the cars, so we lost one last meeting to the rain.
     … but buy Saturday we had already reached 600 people and 450 had
to the good news and prayed to receive Christ.
     Now the weather was not favorable to us on Sunday but we managed to baptise
38 new converts and 100 new members attended our church for the 1st time.
     Now give us two days to compile photos and videos to email you.
     We had powerful powerful testimonies which we will email you in the next email, you can not believe what the Lord has done…
     eg there was one lady 30 years old when she was 21 , she used to be a musician
in Pentacostal Assembly of God, one night she was coming from church to worship
and her elder brother became bitter against her almost [e]ngaged her
into a fight
just because she was serving Jesus.
     She ran a way and got sympathy from her uncle who invited her at his house. Little did she know that he had evil motives a gainst her. He abused her sexually and raped her , it really hurt her since she had kept her self pure for the man that she was
expecting God to sent to do a holy wedding in a church.
     As a result she hated her Brother, Uncle and her mother who sounded like
wanted t
o protect her own brother and it is now been almost 10 years. She quit
from Church
and singing and just went out in the world…
     …she was picked by just a sinner who married her and now they have two kids —
with bitterness in her heart and no peace.
     As a result it has turned out that they
even dont have peace with her husband , but in this meeting on Friday the Lord
touched her and she rededicated her life to Christ.
     She decided to call her dad the 1st thing yesterday morning and said, she will be
going back at home to forgive and drop the grudge in her heart against her brother,
Mother and mostly her Uncle.
     She has also decided to join our the church choir. She Even asked to be baptised
since she had never been, and we did baptise her last Sunday.
More is on the way coming, the next meeting is going to be a crusade in a big field in Eldoret Slum known as Huruma. That is going to be big and we are trusting God for hiring a big 1200 seater tent and will start with a crusade and end with a revival and new believers followup class in the big tent for 7 days.
     It is going to be a total of 12 days project. We will keep you updated but we really
appreciate that you will be here during that time doing . If not we need any help
that you can offer for the sake of turning many from the kingdom of darkness to
the kingdom of Light.
     Again videos clips and more testimonies are on the way i will email soon,
     Ben and Mary.
     PS: If you want to be a part of this action you can send a financial gift of any size to    TRANSFORMING PRAYER, POB 313, Beebe, AR 72012 (checks made out to Transforming Prayer).
     We’ll forward 100% of your gift to help underwrite the expenses of the next series of meetings in Huruma.
     — Doug Van Devender, Transforming Prayer
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