THE FIRST DAY OF 2012 – More Jesus Sightings

After yesterday’s open air evangelistic rally in Huruma, the team took a break before returning to the field to host a New Year’s Eve praise and prayer event. To their astonishment, some 5000 people crowded around in the windy cold night to listen to contemporary Christian music and watch the splendid GFE dance team.

Preaching at GFE Spiritual Life Center

The team wouldn’t miss the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ again, and when they did, more than 2000 people responded to the invitation to Life. The celebration ramped up at that point and went on until 2 a.m.

I must admit, after living for the past sixteen years in the stagnant spiritual culture of White County, Arkansas, it is invigorating to be in an environment where there is such a deep, demonstrated hunger for Jesus and the Life he offers.

New Year’s Day dawned crisp and clear. After coffee with Ben and the team, he and Joseph conducted a baptism in the Sirikwa Hotel swimming pool. More than 50 new believers

Everyone is listening carefully

came for baptism.

I went to the GFE Center and preached in the early service. Everyone was a little punchy from the night’s activities but the service was very nice. I asked the folks to wake me if I dozed off while preaching.

After that service some of the team rushed me to the Global Empowerment Christian Center in the small country village of (I kid you not) Road Block. Pastor Thomas Opiyo welcomed me to the small metal building in the rural community. The people were enthusiastically praising God and dancing to the Lord. (Going to church in Kenya is pretty fun.) Pastor Opiyo is one of the teachers in the Bible School this week.

Eventually I was asked to preach and did a similar teaching to that earlier at GFE: the centrality of forgiveness to the Christian faith. We looked at the P.S. to the Lord ’s Prayer in Matthew 6:14-15. Then at the parable of the ungrateful servant in Matthew 18:21-35. The seriousness of Jesus’ teachings is sobering.

Erect a Tent, They will Come

I made the practical application that darkness works in the life of the believer only if given permission. Chronic anger, bitterness, resentment, revenge and unforgiveness are the emotional ‘garbage dump’ in which the ‘rats’ of darkness gather and thrive. We ended with a prayer session giving everyone the opportunity to welcome the Lord’s assistance in leaving ‘old things’ behind as we commence the New Year.

I’ve picked up a cold along the way so I crashed his afternoon in the hopes of starting the week able to talk. (A little prayer

Tent Meetings Rock

cover would be appreciated here.)

Ben and the team went back to Huruma for the final outdoor crusade meeting. Some 3000 crowded around and 1000 stepped forward at the end to make an initial decision to follow Jesus.

In the outdoor meetings this week, nearly 10,000 people made a public response to embrace the offer of life in Christ Jesus.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers, Truly God is in this place and he encourages me to anticipate many more Jesus Sightings in the next two weeks.

Blessings to you all for a Spirit-filled and Jesus-focused New Year.

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