The Women were Quiet But They 'Got it'!

January 7, 2012 – Khayega, Kenya

This afternoon Peter Wafalu and I finished a three-day church leadership conference in Khayega, a small market center along the Kakamega-Kisumu highway in western Kenya. Some 80 leaders participated representing dozens of diverse church groups.

One of the best LeadershipWoship Alive!

Meetings … Ever

I think the best way to report on the conference is to share some of the many testimonies which highlighted the meeting. The proof is—after all—in the pudding.

BENNETT MKISIS (The Lord’s Table Church) told of serious work and family issues that had created bitterness in his life over eight long years. He had determined not to attend the meeting, but the Holy Spirit compelled him at the last moment to bathe, dress and come.

When we taught on FORGIVENESS as being distinctive of and central to the Christian faith, God showed him that his personal bitterness was the single major factor limiting his life and ministry. He spent the evening struggling with unforgiveness until God broke through and forgiveness flowed from his heart.

At midnight the Holy Spirit filled him afresh. Also filled with the joy of the Lord, he prayed aloud until dawn. He told how God renewed his calling through the night—but only after he began to bless those who had so deeply wounded him.

PASTOR CHRISTOPHER (International Victory Centre) shared that he had been most affected by a story I (Doug) told the previous day.

Things Starting Happening from the First Day

In short, I recalled a day in 1983, while living in Mombasa, when I took my four year old son Matt to watch the mining operation at the nearby Bamburi cement factory.

We sat in the hot sun watching massive front loaders continuously fill a string of enormous

Show and Tell: The Ministry of Jesus

dump trucks with many tons of coral stone to be driven to the nearby factory to be processed into world-class cement. Bamburi-Portland cement is used for high quality construction.

One truck stopped and the driver climbed down the long ladder from the cab to come over and say HI to Matt. I laughed when I saw that the man was about 5’ tall and surely weighed no more than 100 lbs!

I asked him how he could possibly drive a truck with tires bigger than our car?
He smiled and said, “Oh Bwana, it is very easy. I have power steering. Power brakes. Automatic transmission. I don’t even sweat because the cab is nicely air conditioned. I sit there all day in complete comfort while the lorry does all the work.”

Later at home, I had the impression to walk across Beach Road to look down into our small neighborhood quarry. There people moving into the city from rural areas were permitted to freely mine coral to build makeshift houses for themselves.

Pastors and Their Spouses live Sacrificial Lives to Reach the Unsaved

A dozen people were chipping small chunks of coral from the rock face using pieces of steel re-bar as picks. When each person had filled two ten gallon buckets with stone, they began the back-breaking walk under the blazing equatorial sun to their squatter slum where they would continue to work on their patch-together, stick-mud-rock dwellings.

I considered the dramatic contrast in the two mining operations I had observed that day–the radically different human labor involved—and the radically different volume of output.

At which point the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “You can serve me the rest of your life…either way. Your choice.”

That startling revelation helped propel me out of a life of religious labor into a life infused with and bourn along by the Spirit of God. Within months I would come to full stop, repent of MY ministry and began a search to learn how to do JESUS’ ministry.

I had challenged the pastors the previous day: You can labor in the hot sun carrying buckets of stone the rest of your days OR you can repent of YOUR ministry and embrace the ministry of JESUS who offers to do ALL the heavy lifting while you ride along in comfort.

Back to Pastor Christopher.

That evening the Holy Spirit confirmed the truth of the message to him. He said, “I now know if I will let God do the work, life and ministry will be much easier.”

PASTOR JOHN CHABUKA (African Israel Church) told us how his ministry had become quite low. He also (as were a number of others) greatly affected by the challenge to repent of HIS ministry so that he might fully participate in the ministry of JESUS. He thought to do this.

In the night as he slept, the Lord confirmed that he had taken a big step.

Forgiveness sets a man free

In the morning he awoke with a call to action. He felt a great desire to go through the bustling market (after the last session of the conference) to pray one by one with willing people in order to give the Spirit an opportunity to speak to them in order to bring salvation and healing.

“I now understand the ministry of Jesus and I am ready to do that ministry.”

(to be continued)

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