KHAYEGA TESTIMONIES — 2 More Jesus Sightings

January 8, 2012  KHAYEGA, KENYA

The testimonies from the Khayega conference continue…

Testimonies of what GOD was doing just kept coming...

PASTOR DANIEL NGOSI (Pentecostal Evangelical Church of Africa) told of having an amazing experience with the Lord since the previous day. Some years ago a man managed to steal the title to an important piece of Daniel’s land and sold it out from under him. No legal remedy was forthcoming. Consequently, he had harbored anger and bitterness toward the man ever since.

But during the night, God continued to confront him with the

and coming...

necessity of forgiving the offender and fully releasing him to God so that GOD might deal with the man and his crime.

Before Daniel had been unable to forgive the man. Could he do so now???

As he struggled in the night Daniel concluded that he wanted to be free of the great hindrance that his unforgiveness had become, so after much effort, he broke free and forgave the man.

Later in the night Daniel’s cell phone rang.

and coming...

Calling was a friend who had similarly lost land to the criminal. He cheerfully announced that the thief had suddenly taken ill, had been rushed to the hospital and it was thought the man’s medical condition might be terminal.

Instead of celebrating the fall of his enemy, Pastor Daniel suddenly found himself praying passionately for God to heal the man and bring him to salvation in Christ Jesus.

Daniel was in fact leaving the meeting to travel to the hospital to pray for the man in person to be saved and healed. (Stay tuned)

I decided to do the 'Jesus stuff'

FIDEL LAMISI (local Baptist church) was most captivated by the idea that we think at two levels: in our head and in our heart. When the two thought processes are not in agreement (which is common) we are discover that we are ‘double-minded’ (James 1).

He went home with the realization that he was a double-minded man when it came to the issue of ministry. On one hand he was a declared servant of God—on the other he confessed he was really pursuing his own ministry.

I am re-thinking my understanding of ministry

By midnight the reality of his situation had fully settled on him. He became weak—cold—distressed. He wondered if he were having a medical crisis. He wondered if he should go to the hospital? Eventually he managed to fall asleep.

In the night he had an encounter with God in which he confessed that he had been serving God in his own way.  But as for the future, he declared to God, “Let Your will be done.”

He awoke this morning fresh and happy. “God has heard my prayer and our hearts are now together.”

He is no longer a double-minded man.


The most startling testimony of the meeting came from a lovely young woman named VIRGINIA.

Another encounter with the resurrected Jesus

Virginia was impacted by the Luke 4:16ff message of the ministry of Jesus and the realization that God had called her as one of His children to participate in that ministry.

In the afternoon she began her long walk home repenting of unforgiveness and of her previous attempts to conduct ‘her’ ministry.

She became very determined to put into action what God had shown her in the meeting. She prayed, “God please give me an opportunity to do the ministry of Jesus—today—even before I reach home.”

We Pray -- God Heals

No more had her prayer lifted from her heart than she came upon a road-side store where there was a great commotion. A crowd of emotionally distressed woman were filling and spilling out of the store.

Virginia approached the fringe of the crowd and soon learned that a woman had brought her two small children to the public place desperately seeking help. The children were extremely sick and both had fallen into a coma.

Virginia realized God was answering her pray, so she pushed through the packed crowd to reach the  unresponsive children. She took charge, telling the mother and the woman, “Let’s pray.” She prayed by the Spirit over the two dying children and then proclaimed the word of God to the distraught mother.

...and heals...

Finishing, she went home.

In the morning she had the impression to check on the condition of the children before coming to the meeting. She found their home and to her delight discovered the two small children on their feet and playing.

The mother said, “I remember you and I remember what you said to me.”

The Word and Works of Jesus are inseparable, after all.

Virginia concluded her testimony matter-of-factly, “ I determined to do the ministry of Jesus practically and JESUS did it.”

(to be continued)


Jesus has been with us

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