The Holy Spirit was present in the classes this week:  saving, healing, delivering, speaking, touching, enlightening, directing and transforming. Everyone appeared to move up a level in their awareness of God and in their relationship with him.

One of the ways to evaluate our training efforts is invite student testimonies of the transforming work of God’s Spirit in their lives.

Following are excerpts from several testimonies:

ABRAHAM reported that he comes from a church that does not much regard the Holy Spirit. During the week, his “eyes were opened” to a new view of Scripture and a new view of the Spirit. As he shared each day’s experience with his wife, they began to experience a change. “I am praying with my wife (in a new way). The Holy Spirit is now in our house. The Holy Spirit is now with us. I am so thankful.”

BENARD said he almost didn’t come to school this week, but at the last minute did. On Tuesday when Doug prayed for him individually, God spoke to him, lifting off chronic depression and filling him with a spirit of joy which has continued all week. God assures him he will be filled with joy no matter what happens in the future.

DAVID reported that he has long taught on the Holy Spirit as a life message. But as we went through the teachings this week, God began to unleash things in his heart and into his wife’s. “The teachings have made a mark in my life and will make a mark in the lives I teach. This week has turned my life around—I am going through the Bible examining each text on the Holy Spirit. I can already see a change in my life and in my congregation.”

JOHN (champion marathon runner) told us that all his life people have naturally followed him (no pun intended). This has carried over into church youth ministry. But he has struggled to understand the Bible and to understand his proper role in ministry. “I have been overwhelmed in my life.” But, he went on to say, confusion had lifted during the week and he was beginning to see clearly God’s place for him in ministry.

MARY BAHATI (wife of Bishop Ben Bahati) told of a Transforming Prayer session she had with Richard and Doug some months past. During that session God identified the root of a great bitterness in her life, and Jesus enabled her to forgive as never before. Now she is enjoying life and ministry in positive way. “God can use anyone, anywhere, anytime. Keep learning. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth.”

PHYLISTIA first recalled what happened when Doug prayed for her on Tuesday. Although she had not shared anything with him, Doug prayed by word of knowledge to reveal her bitterness toward those who had severely hurt her in the past. She reported a breakthrough (as she forgave). She reported that during the week she had a vision of Jesus on the cross dispensing water—then she saw the cross move into our class where Jesus had been looking down on us all week as the teachings were dispensed.

PASTOR GODFREY told how he took what he was learning about Transforming Prayer home each night to share with his wife. One evening she told him of a sick neighbor, so they went to pray for her. “I started to pray for her as I would normally by loudly rebuking the demons of sickness. But then I remembered what I was learning about dealing with demons by finding the root of the problem.” He decided to try the new prayer model. They quietly talked and prayed with the neighbor until a serious issue was discovered and resolved in prayer. The woman’s physical illness completely left her.

JOSEPHAT reported that God has changed him during the week. An inner conflict about ministry was resolved. Richard’s message on forgiveness impacted him. And Lydia’s encouragement to welcome the Spirit without fear opened the way for God’s peace and joy to fill him. As a bonus, in the night he was released with a prayer language.

ROBAI told how she had been falsely imprisoned for two years. She lost her job and her finances. Her children were badly hurt. Legal recourse did not seem the way to go. She was left with great bitterness toward the policeman who had arrested her. But as Doug prayed for one of the other students in a demo prayer, she heard the Holy Spirit speaking to her as well. She reported the burden was pulled out of her spirit and by midnight was completely gone. “Now I can’t even remember the pain!”

When asked how she would feel if she encountered the policeman toward whom she had had such bitterness, she replied, “I would shake his hand and lead him to Jesus.”

GEOFFREY told that God had done a tremendous work in his life during the week. He decided to come because “Doug is a fine teacher – slow and quiet.” As a result of the spiritual gifts inventory, he now has confidence he is in the right place in ministry. He also reported the healing of a great inner pain. He grew up in a chaotic family situation: seven children, each from a different father. During Transforming Prayer he was able to forgive his parents and the pain left.

GEORGE reported that when Doug prayed for him to receive an impartation of the Spirit, he experienced a change in his prayer life. That evening he prayed on his knees for what he thought was 30 minutes only to discover hours had passed and he had missed supper! That experience was continuing, and he reported with joy he had received a prayer language. “I am refreshed.”

PASTOR JOSEPH OMONDI (Director of the Bible School) told the students how Transforming Prayer has changed his ministry. He told them of encountering a man who was on the way to murder his wife! The man was fed up with trying to live with her.  Joseph asked the man if he could pray for him before he killed his wife. The man agreed, but made it clear that prayer would not deter him.

As Joseph prayed, the Holy Spirit spoke to the man, saying, “Your wife is not the problem with your marriage. You are.” The man was so impacted, that he allowed Joseph to share the Gospel and committed his life to Christ on the spot. (The man went home and told his wife the whole story! Joseph and his wife Carin visited the couple and the wife also embraced Christ. Outcome of a Transforming Prayer encounter:  A new Christian home instead of a dead woman and a man on Death row.)

JOSEPHINE told of growing up in a Muslim family. She had a deep desire to know God. So much so, that as a young person she made the pilgrimage to Mecca three times. In the end, she came back bitterly disappointed, having discovered that there was no God in Mecca with whom to have relationship.

A Christian friend told her how she could have relationship with God through Jesus and his Spirit and she was saved. Since then, she has planted several churches, initiated a significant women’s ministry in a large prison and is sacrificially caring for nearly 30 orphans and abandoned children.

During one class Doug was demonstrating how to minister in the gifts of the Spirit. By word of knowledge, Doug spoke that someone in the class had an internal illness—something they may not have realized they had until now.

Josephine responded, saying she had had a dream a few nights previously in which she was told she had something wrong in her left side (a cyst?). She awoke and tuned in to a pain in her side that she had been ignoring.

As we prayed – in three segments – the pain diminished and then stopped. By the end of the week she was able to report all symptoms were gone.

I am happy to tell you God is alive and well. His Spirit is present and powerful–as much as he has ever been. The Spirit of Jesus is saving, healing, delivering, speaking, touching, enlightening, directing and transforming.

God invites you to welcome his Spirit. To discern what his Spirit is doing.  To agree with his Spirit. To cooperate with his Spirit.

And in so doing, you will surely find yourself each day “doing the Jesus stuff with Jesus” and “will eventually see even greater things” as you walk by his Spirit.

Thank you Holy Spirit!

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