If you drive 20 minutes out of Kakamega, Kenya into the forest preserve and turn right down a nearly impassable dirt track used to haul sugar cane from the fields, you come to the two-block-long market village of Kambiri.

Perched on the side of a steep hill above the village is the GFE Spiritual Life Center. The metal building is surrounded by mooing cows and verdant fields of corn.

During the third day of the Pastors Conference, the Team explained the process of Transforming Prayer and then conducted three demonstration prayers in front of the 80 or so gathered church leaders from many different church groups.

Transforming Prayer is the practical application of the prayer principles developed by Dr. Ed Smith (Theophostic Prayer).  Within the context of training God’s People to ‘do the ministry of Jesus’, we show them how this simple Transforming Prayer model helps God’s People actually do the ministry of Jesus:

  • To GOOD NEWS the poor with the flash that the future kingdom of God is breaking into the present
  • To heal the emotionally wounded (to bind up crushed hearts)
  • To heal the physically sick (just as in the Gospel of Mark)
  • To peel the darkness off the oppressed and depressed (as Jesus did), and
  • To demonstrate that God’s grace, favor and mercy are “in season” and that all are invited to partake. (Luke 4:16ff)

When we pray, we basically facilitate a conversation between the person for whom we are praying and the resurrected Jesus. Jesus leads the person to the source of their presenting pain where a lie or lies are commonly found.

When the Holy Spirit speaks truth, the lies evaporate, and the negative symptoms fed by those particular lies began to dissipate.

There was not time this week to conduct a formal training, but the team was able to introduce the basic concepts and do three demonstration prayers which gave God a chance to show what he can do.

Today (Wednesday) the Holy Spirit instructed me to stay in the hotel where I fasted and prayed for the meeting while Joseph Omondi and Richard Cazzell did the teaching and conducted the prayer sessions.

The first session was with FLORA. She came asking for physical healing for an 18-year partial paralysis in her body. But as the team prayed, as is so often the case, God elected to deal with another issue first.

Flora had been separated from her husband for 20 years and forced to live with her children. She had long wondered if her marital failure was the result of a spell put on her by a witchdoctor? Or maybe it was just her own failure that had led to the breakup of her family?

The team prayed and asked Jesus to come and speak to the origin of these life issues.

After the Holy Spirit spoke truth to her questions, she felt God’s forgiveness. She was then able to genuinely forgive her husband. As for her paralysis, she felt that God was doing a healing work in that area as well. We hope so.

The second session was with Pastor JULIUS.  He also had a marriage problem. He had married early to escape a demoralizing family situation. His father married several women and the other wives rejected him as a boy.

He had a seasonal sickness that became worse anytime he was with his extended family. He had strong feelings against his father for marrying several women.

After the Holy Spirit spoke to Julius in prayer, he was able to forgive his father for what he had done, felt like he was physically getting stronger, heard an inner ‘voice’ telling him he should be faithful to his calling and experienced in-breaking joy! He broke into laughter as his prayer session concluded.

MOSES came next.

His presenting issues were physical sickness and personal troubles. His wife left with his son of 7 months and stayed with her parents for 2 years. Desperate for direction, Moses consulted a witch doctor regarding his wife.  The wife returned, but the son became an epileptic.

Moses has had disputes within his family. He once beat his parents badly and stabbed his brother several times. Moses thinks there is some kind of spell on him.

His lie-based thinking that emerged: he considers himself a failure when compared to other people.

When the Holy Spirit spoke truth in prayer, God told Moses that he should forgive himself and his family. This Moses did.

Then an inner ‘voice’ tells him to take his son to church and request prayer. If he does, the son will be healed.

The prayer session ends with Moses feeling the forgiveness, love and acceptance of God. He reports feeling physical healing flowing through his body.

In all three sessions, the presence of God was felt powerfully in the room and the congregation was deeply affected by the healing process occurring in their peers.

To conclude the conference, Richard did a brief, concentrated teaching on forgiveness. Then Joseph led the entire meeting in a group Transforming Prayer. During the extended prayer many confessed to God their unforgivenss, bitterness, resentments and desire for revenge.

As a result, many experienced God’s forgiveness, a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit and God’s acceptance. The meeting ended as a spirit of joy filled the people.

Tonight there are billions of people lying on their beds in pain — spiritually, emotionally, physically, morally, relationally – crying out for relief, but not knowing for what they are crying.

We know for what they are crying:  the soft voice and the gentle touch of the Spirit of Jesus who brings salvation, healing, hope and life.

Knowing this, the challenge before us is to develop a simple, affordable, culturally adaptable, technologically accessable template for Transforming Prayer that can be used world-wide to deliver the ministry of Jesus into the hearts and lives of so many needy and waiting people.

Your prayers for this task are appreciated.


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