I am comparing the message of equipping the saints to the story of Moses and Jethro. Moses was trying to do everything. Jethro counseled Moses to delegate duties to qualified men so that he might succeed.  I am a strong leader. There are two issues in my ministry: things go well (only) when I am present and I am overwhelmed by my responsibilities. I see how I must delegate responsibilities.


I was blessed by the message yesterday. We have a problem in Kenya. We do not love each other. I see that the will of God is for us is to love each other. We have failed even in the church. Pastors won’t even sit with one another. That is a prison. “I will do my best to do what Jesus said. We have [the beginnings of] a fellowship of leaders here.  Let’s follow the instructions of Jesus to love one another.”


I was so blessed yesterday. The teaching touched my heart. I have been a leader, but I am weak and unable to continue. Doug taught the “5-Minute Bible” (“What in the World is God Doing?”). I was so encouraged to build on a right foundation: to rightly preach the truth of the Word. My faith is revived. If we know Christ, we must teach Christ. I accept that as my responsibility.


I was also so blessed yesterday as the teacher spoke of the Holy Spirit. It touched my heart. He told us to go home overnight and pray and repent of “my ministry” so that I can take up “the ministry of Jesus”.  I did exactly that.

During the night I dreamed I saw a company of people writing their names in a certain book on the side of a river. The river was flowing (but clogged) with grass. Doug was swinging a two-edged sword, clearing out the grass. When the grass was cleared, I saw many people being baptized in the clean water. Their names were being called by one whose name was in the book. I now know my calling.

Joseph interpreted: the teaching yesterday was clearing the way for true Jesus-ministry.


The meeting has encouraged me. I left yesterday thinking of the dedicated people who are committed to help me (in ministry). Our people are trained to wait for the primary leader (who is the expert) to pray. (With these teachings) I can build my team to go and pray with confidence. Every leader needs people who will help and who will trust the Word. I think my service will now be much easier. This meeting should have been for a week!


I brought several of my leaders. After hearing the message yesterday, they told me, “We won’t just sit in church any longer!” I personally learned that we must be baptized with the Holy Spirit as well as water.


I was in the sister meeting in Khayega in January where Doug taught. Doug taught us a way to pray so that God can heal broken hearts. I had a man in my church who harbored great bitterness toward his parents. I remembered two things Doug said:  “God can heal a broken heart” and “Let’s pray….”

So I prayed with the man and asked him, “What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?” The man reported that his spirit was settled as far as his parents were concerned and that he was supposed to go make peace with his parents.

I went with him to reconcile with his parents. Today his mother and father are members of my church. Listen to what is being taught here. It will help you.


Since we don’t presently have a pastor for our church, I came to this meeting to represent our church. I was touched yesterday by Richard saying that he is here teaching as a ‘saint’ even though he has no formal position in his church. As he spoke, I realized I am also a ‘saint’ – also called by God.  I can act for God wherever I stand. Maybe God will eventually use me as a pastor…

WEDNESDAY – The Testimonies Continue


The conference has been very inspiring. The Holy Spirit started ministering to me even before I came. I have learned that we are all called to be ministers. There are many in our villages in great need and we can all pray. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit to know how to minister. I now know I don’t have to yell and shout at the enemy, but I can pray quietly and the person can make their choice.


Since we began the meeting I have been experiencing God. I was blessed with the word about unity in our families. Also that we can witness for Jesus through our family. I can see that my church and other churches will become stronger as our families become stronger.


I was excited to learn that we can pray for ministry needs even if God does not do exactly as we expect. (She has been discouraged after praying for someone who later died.) Yesterday I was revived and I prayed for someone who was healed.  I have learned I don’t have to shout when I pray for someone. If you shout, the person you are praying for may pass out because of your shouting!



This meeting has been very helpful and encouraging. My ministry over the past 20 years has been very hard. I have even questioned whether I was called to be a pastor. Now I have learned to equip my people. Now I know how to become successful. I think my ministry will not be such a struggle.



The transforming work of Jesus and his Spirit continues in western Kenya….


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