On Thursday we arrived at Mumias for the beginning of the second Pastors Conference. While we waited for the leaders to arrive an hour late (Africa on-time), we met and talked with Pastor Joab.

Pastor Joab is an elderly, semi-retired pastor. His retirement is not by choice but because of a limiting physical handicap. In the middle of his back a disk has totally deteriorated leaving him with bones painfully touching one another.

The pastor apologized for needing to be absent from the meeting the next day. He had a long-standing doctor’s appointment for a back x-ray and physical therapy.

At which point we offered to pray for Pastor Joab. He agreed, so Richard and I sat on either side of him and we each put a hand on his back.

Then I prayed, as we often do, “Father, is there anything you would like to speak to Pastor Joab about before we pray for his back?”

He was silent for a moment and then said softly, “The Lord reminds me to be humble.”

“Do you agree?”


“Will you walk in humility?”


We then felt released to pray for his back. Together we prayed briefly three times. After each prayer we asked him what was happening while we prayed? Each time he reported a sensation in the affected area. We were encouraged that the Holy Spirit seemed to be doing something.

The meeting began, so we concluded our prayer time and asked Pastor Joab to bring us a doctor’s report on Saturday. The Jesus-standard is that one’s healing should be confirmed before one publicly declares it done. True worshippers worship Jesus “in Spirit and in TRUTH”.

On Saturday, Pastor Joab returned to the meeting. He was smiling to break his face. After the session we asked for a doctor’s report. He had in fact seen the doctor who had taken an x-ray.

He said, “The disk has returned and is perfect. I have no pain in my back. I am able to move normally.”

Once again, Jesus has done what he does so well: attending first to a heart issue and then mercifully validating his Word with physical healing.

Many others this past week reported that God seemed to be healing them physically during prayer. I’m happy to report that at least in this case we can say for sure,

“One day as Jesus was teaching…the power of the Lord was present to heal the sick.” (Luke 5:17)

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