WILBERFORCE A. OKELO – Thank God for these servants. The meeting yesterday blessed me. I realized I should not fear death because God will take me to be at home with Jesus.


SAMSON AMAKOVI – I was blessed yesterday.  I realized the reason my ministry is not going (up) might be because of me. And, I now understand that I am called to properly represent Jesus (as an ambassador of Christ – 2 COR 5:20) in every situation. I have committed myself to do that.


RASTUS MUSEVE – for two months I have been sickly, but the doctor has no diagnosis. I have been very busy in ministry. I have been so tired I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, or do anything.  ”Kicking out so many devils has been hard work.” My wife is also so tired, she couldn’t finish teaching a Sunday School class last week.

But Richard taught that I should rest one day each week and not be available to my church members 24/7. Doug encouraged me to go home and repent of MY ministry so I can take up the ministry of JESUS. These teachings have helped and blessed me today.

PASTOR KONA – I was so blessed yesterday. I have been ministering 24/7 with no time for my wife and kids. After the meeting yesterday I rested with my family. I turned off my cell phone during dinner and when I went to bed. I didn’t turn it back on until 9 a.m. [The time Richard starts to return calls each morning!]

Douglas taught me that I am an ambassador of Christ’s kingdom, not my own kingdom. There is much enmity between pastors in our area because there is great competition between our personal kingdoms. I am an ambassador for Christ as are all the other pastors in our area.

PASTOR ROBERT MAMAI – Doug started by saying that when the team prayed about Mumias, God showed him this is a place of great darkness. And this is true: much occult activity, magic, many people going mad. Most pastors are struggling under the weight of this darkness. Thank God we have learned a new way to deal with the demons.

Also, Richard told us we are pastoring like we are running a 24/7 petrol station! I have been working full-time with no time for my family. And the devil has taken advantage of that.

Please pray with us that God will break the polygamous pattern over this area [established by King Mumia wh0 had 100 wives]. Many people are polygamists and many people are suffering because of this. Even some pastors are polygamists.

FRED NYONGESA – Thanks for the meeting. God has changed my life—my future—my ministry. What you have taught is God speaking into my life. I have been praying so much to God about MY ministry. Now I am committed to working under the ministry of JESUS. I know now there is a better way to deal with darkness. I am changed. I will have more impact. “This meeting was designed for me personally, if for no one else.”

PASTOR JACOB – We have all been ‘chasing’ demons. Several of us went to pray for a madman recently. We all could see the demon. We found ourselves “battling and quarreling” with the demon. We were all shouting at the demon.

But I was thinking, “Is this the right way to do this? It seems we are shouting at the demon to prove we are anointed. Shouldn’t we be talking to the person and finding out why they have this demon?”

Then the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “Jacob, don’t continue to pray like this. Wait for some days and I will tell you how to properly deal with the demons. So I have been troubled wondering what I am waiting for?”

This meeting has been the answer to my prayers. I have learned we can deal with the demons in a quiet environment. “The issue is not style – the issue is to listen to the Holy Spirit and receive (instruction) from the Lord.” So in the future, I will pray without shouting, I will listen to the Spirit of God and I will pray as the Holy Spirit leads me.”

The darkness over Mumias is beginning to lift….



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