Before we enter a new area, we ask God for his instructions. Regarding Mumias, the word was, “You are about to enter The Heart of Darkness.”  Our prayers deepened.

God’s reply:   “Nothing special is required. Go in the authority and power of Jesus. Preach the message I have given you. Pay attention. I will be with you. I will break the spirit of witchcraft assaulting the pastors. And through them, I will eventually break the power of Islam and witchcraft over the area.”

After the second day of the Pastors Conference, a group of long-time Mumias church planters and pastors shared their experiences of battling this thick darkness.  

They spoke of a culture saturated with illiteracy, witchcraft, occult practices, greed, corruption, polygamy, division, violence, oppression, lust, indolence, poverty, hunger, incest and theft—not to mention an epidemic of madness.

     So, we went back to prayer.

Should we continue to teach and minister as we had begun? Or did this situation call for some modification? For something different?  For something only God could know?

God’s answer:  “Do what you are doing. The Life (of my kingdom) which you are releasing into these leaders cannot be prevented by darkness from growing and extending. Even (as early as) one year from now, Mumias will not be as dark as today, and Satan’s long-term grip on this area will begin to slip/loosen.

“This will come to pass NOT through human strength and effort, but through the life of the Gospel and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Tell the pastors to be diligent in their duties, but to always ‘be at rest’ in the ministry of Jesus.” (Hebrews 4:1-13 came to mind)

So, on Day Three we continued teaching and welcoming testimonies of what Jesus was doing in the lives of the participants.


Here are a few excepts from the testimonies:



PASTOR WILLIAM OMONDI – I am thankful for these teachings which have moved me somewhere.  I have been a pastor, but my life has been filled with great bitterness. Early this morning the Holy Spirit had me write down the names of everyone who has wounded me. Then I knelt down and prayed to forgive each one – living and dead – I told each one, “I forgive you.” Now I am totally transformed and free. Continue to teach on these great secrets. (i.e. the great ‘secret’ of forgiveness)



DANIEL MUSOMBA – All we pastors need something:  NO color barrier! I am being lifted up by God’s word. I see that we should all be lifted up from one level to another (in Christ) — putting an end to meanness and greed — so that we become a generous people. Tell the people in America (who are praying for us) that the pastors in Africa are praying for you.



PASTOR ABLE ETORI – I have worked hard in the ministry, but my motivation was to earn the approval of my Bishop. I married, but the bishop has never done anything to assist or support us. I became bitter and my zeal for ministry reduced. Then my wife miscarried twice. Yet the doctors said there was nothing medically wrong with her.

“What is happening?” I asked myself.

A Servant of God came to visit and told me, “What is happening is a result of your disobedience. Don’t hold anger in your heart for your superior.” So I let that go. Then my wife had a child. In this conference I have come to understand that I must always forgive and never walk in any kind of grudge.

 PASTOR WILBERFORCE – I have listened to your teaching on Transforming Prayer. In that prayer you have summarized the entire Bible! This prayer can be a great weapon for evangelism. I have also learned that all of God’s people are priests, (so) I have learned we can delegate ministry and therefore have time to rest. I now see that we can do the ministry of JESUS without a struggle.


HARRIETT MKOYA – God has visited me in a very great way (during this conference). Richard taught that the greatest hindrance to healing is unforgiveness. In my heart I have been angry and bitter toward many people, so I have not done well in ministry. In the evening I prayed about this and a great burden lifted. I began to see the glory of God. I have forgiven everyone. Now I feel peaceful. I hope they will forgive me so they may have the joy of the Lord.


After these testimonies, we conducted three Transforming Prayer sessions in front of the assembled pastors.

More on that tomorrow…



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