The foundational teachings having been put in place on days one and two, we conducted three Transforming Prayer ministry demonstrations in front of the assembled pastors on the final day.

Our goals were to (1) effect healing in as many leaders as possible, (2) demonstrate the reality of what we have been teaching, and most of all to (3) give God a venue to – well – be God!

Doug prayed first for a local PASTOR – The man reported he had had a very hard ministry in Mumias and had been hurt in many ways. He considered himself a failure. His former bishop had on three occasions done things to deeply wound him.

God had earlier told him to go and forgive the man face-to-face. He had in fact made two attempts, but the meetings did not happen. In prayer God tells him to make sure this gets done!

He agreed but expressed fear that the bishop will pressure him to submit once again to his authority. We prayed and the Holy Spirit released him from further obligation to his former bishop. God: “Stay with your current bishop.”

We asked him what will happen when he obeys God? He replied, “Things in my life and ministry will change.”

PASTOR RASTUS came next – He reported stomach problems on and off since 1994. He has failed to find permanent healing. Richard asked God to show him the source of this illness.

The pastor began to cry. He shared that in 1990 he performed poorly in school, so his father refused to pay for further education and sent him to his mother, saying, “She can pay for your school.” (Which she could not afford.)

“How did that make you feel?”

“I felt bitter. I felt unloved.”

In spite of his father’s rejection, he managed to eventually finish school and even made it to university. Over the years he made an attempt to forgive his father, but his father repeatedly rejected him. So he eventually separated permanently from his father (and from his father’s extended family of other wives and children).

Richard invited God to speak to Rastus about his life situation. The Holy Spirit told him not to fear going to his father one more time. He assured him that his father has had a change of heart and will receive him. In fact, he should expect the entire family to accept him.

Rastus confessed he would need a change of mind to prepare for reconciliation. After more prayer, he agreed to that and reported that he now felt peaceful regarding his family. The long-term bitterness was gone.

Richard returned to the presenting issue of physical illness. Rastus said that he was named after his grandfather who had similar stomach problems. “I feel a curse on me from my grandfather.”

The Holy Spirit prompted him to verbalize forgiveness toward his father (which he did). Then the Spirit told him there was no curse on his life. Rastus was obviously relieved.

Pastor Peter (who was translating) prayed for physical healing for Rastus. The pastor reported that he felt ‘light’.

Richard prayed for God to give the man a ‘parting gift’.  Rastus said, “I now know that God will be with me when I visit my family and I will have an opportunity to share the Gospel with all of them.” None are believers.

JOSEPH OMONDI conducted the third session with HARRIETT – she reported having stomach problems for two years. The doctors were unable to give her a diagnosis. She reported ‘movement’ in her chest and abdomen as the session progressed.

How did she feel about her health problem? “I feel that God has not healed me and I have despaired of life.” She feels unworthy, unloved and lonely. “I have failed.”

Joseph asked God to speak to Harriett about her illness. He brought to mind three things:

Her bitterness toward her husband (who had been unfaithful with several women) which had driven him away from her and from Christ.

A false accusation from a relative that she is a witch. She suddenly remembered that the physical illness had begun with that hurt and additional bitterness.

And, she recalled her hurt and bitterness when her father preferred all his sons (who received education) and none of his daughters (who were basically married off).

Joseph led her through prayers of forgiveness in each area. At the conclusion she said, “God is telling me that my life will change for the better when I make peace with my husband and my family” — which she committed to do.

One by one, little by little, the light of heaven is piercing the darkness in Mumias.

So, on to Webuye….

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