Webuye is a country market town of about 50,000 people nestled in the mountains of extreme western Kenya. The center-point of the area is the huge Pan Paper complex of factories which is currently closed and in receivership. Unemployment is very high and the area is economically depressed because of the months-long loss of 2600 manufacturing jobs.

Bishop Albert Mulemi of Faith Chapel in Nairobi organized the Pastors Conference in Webuye. More than 130 leaders would attend from dozens of different church groups. This group of leaders would be the most vocal and interactive of any in our six years of leading such meetings. And very receptive.


We met in a center used for civic and religious meetings. The center also houses an orphanage.



The first day was similar to the other Pastors Conferences.






We soon broke through the initial skepticism, and the first day ended on a positive note.



That night we stayed in the Pan Paper Guest House. The older structure reminded me of some accommodations in remote areas during the British Colonial days. My (Doug’s) bathtub was occupied by every possible African fungus, so even with shoes on I decided not to try it.

But the screens kept most of the mosquitoes out, and the dining hall prepared very good local dishes (not to mention excellent hot Kenya tea and coffee), so we were good.

The second day we heard testimonies. I had encouraged everyone to do business with Jesus over night– to repent of THEIR ministries in order to take up the ministry of JESUS.


He is a prayer coordinator in the area. He received Transforming Prayer as a wonderful ‘secret’—a blessing. “My prayer partners will soon see this new way of prayer,” he declared. The Holy Spirit convicted him that he needs to give immediate attention to his wife and five sons.






He was delighted by the teachings which spoke to several of his life issues. “Your words were pure and edifying to me.” He also confessed the need to spend more time with his children. “God has ministered to me today. I am so grateful.”





RANDALL – This morning I was ministering to a couple in my church. I could only look at them and wonder how these people got married to each other! I will tell the husband he needs to love his wife.

Richard added that he felt the wife would respect her husband if he acted like Christ toward her.


MARTIN – He came asking for physical healing. The left side of his face was so swollen, his left eye was shut. He told us he had had this condition for seven years. He has been to multiple doctors and hospitals without getting a diagnosis or treatment. He continues active in his church in spite of his disfiguring handicap. He came to the meeting hoping for healing.

We prayed for Martin for several minutes but he persisted in saying that he was hearing nothing from God and nothing was happening to him physically.

I (Doug) stopped the prayer and gave Martin this assignment:  go home, do business with God tonight, find out what God wants to speak into your life, bring us a report tomorrow and we will pray again.

(To be continued)

We closed Tuesday’s meeting as Richard gave himself a surprise 61st birthday party. He handed out chunks of granola bars to everyone and we sang Happy Birthday to him. Yes, even in Kenya they do that!


The last time I saw Richard, he was running around with a plate of ughali African ‘corn mush’ calling it his birthday cake.



The altitude does affect some people….



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