On the second day in Webuye we could not entertain all the people wishing to give testimonies of what God was doing in their lives during the conference. The following are a few highlights:


The last prayer conference I attended was with Morris Cerillo when I learned to speak in tongues.

In this conference, I have been challenged. I see how we ministers actually lie to cover our ministries.

I was touched by the story of Virginia in Khayega ( a young woman who left the meeting determined to do the ministry of Jesus – on her way home she encountered and prayed for two dying children who were healed).

I am a nurse. I work in a hospital surrounded by hurting women. They need my help as a nurse. I realize I am also there to do the ministry of Jesus!

She told us she had been caring for a boy with severe cerebral malaria (a quite often fatal condition). He asked her if he would ever be able to go back to school? She prayed for him and told him, yes. The next day he got up healed and went to school.

“I WILL do the ministry of Jesus!” she declared.


He was called to ministry at age 23. From that time he was on fire for Jesus 24/7. He feared that if he ever stopped to rest, he would lose the fire. He would quote Scriptures to himself like, “If you put your hand to the plow and look back….”

“So I worked day and night.”  For years he took no days off.

Now I understand even God took a day off after Creation! So I promise to rest one day in every seven. The work belongs to Christ. Jesus – not me –died for the Church.


“I got the same message: Jesus – not me – died for the Church.”


God bless this ministry. People are not satisfied if we are not available all the time. I am going to train my people and teach them that it is not necessary for me to always be there. God does not share his glory—this should be God doing his work.

I am learning to seek out the reason for sickness before praying (i.e. spiritual or physical causes).

I come from a bitter family deeply into witchcraft. There is no forgiveness. I now understand that when I do not forgive, I open the door to my life for the devil. And with him may come sickness. We fellow ministers need to forgive.


We ministers look for demons as the cause of human failure. Now I know I can talk (to the person and God) and find out the source of the failure. I have learned that God desires to heal the heart and then the body.

More tomorrow.



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