On the final day of the training conference, I (Doug) reviewed the prayer process with the group. Then we did three demonstrations of Transforming Prayer.




Jacob is a 79 year old lay minister and elder in a local church. His presenting issue was his concern for his adult children who seldom came home. “I am concerned that their houses and lands will fall into disrepair.”

“How do you feel about their property falling into disuse?”


But as we continued to pray, the deeper feelings emerged, “I am all alone. I am lonely.”

We invited Jesus to speak to Jacob’s feelings and he did, assuring Jacob of God’s presence with Jacob and with his children.

Jacob reported that he no longer felt alone, lonely or anxious. He was smiling when the session closed.


Betty is an attractive young woman in her mid 20s. She asked for prayer for her marriage. How do you feel about your marriage?” I feel no love. I am angry at my husband. I have no hope for my marriage.”

As we prayed the story of her life emerged. She left home at age 16 to escape an abusive situation, soon became pregnant and then married “in the wrong way”.  She reported that she felt rejected, unloved, bitter and hopeless.

She told us the group prayer for forgiveness the previous day had deeply affected her. She admitted to God her bitterness and hostility toward her husband who worked all the time and paid her little attention. “I do nothing for him. I do not even wash his clothes!” From the reaction of the group, I took it that this was a bold neglect.

But she had prayed and repented of her anger and resentment. So much so, that she went home and washed his clothes.

When he came home and saw that she had washed his clothes, he sat down with her and for the first time they read the Bible together.

We prayed again and asked the Holy Spirit to speak truth to her about her life and marriage. She reported after listening for several minutes to the Spirit, “I feel loved. Respected. Hopeful. Peaceful.”

In a final prayer Richard asked if God might have a parting gift for her? She said, “The Lord is going to heal my marriage. Then he is going to give me the ability to minister healing to many troubled couples.”

Another satisfied participant.

MARTIN (Part 2)

Martin came forward again for prayer. He told us he went home and did as instructed. After his family went to bed, he did business with Jesus. The Holy Spirit convicted him of anger and unforgiveness. After some time, he was able to forgive everyone on his list and experience relief.

The Holy Spirit then gave us permission to pray for his physical condition.  After several minutes of quiet prayer, he reported his eye had opened enough for him to see.

After a second prayer effort, his eye fully opened, but he reported, “God is healing me, but I have a chocking in my throat.”

We prayed a third time and Martin threw up his hands and began to cry out loudly. After several minutes he became quiet and reported that a great darkness over his life had been driven out and he was finally free. The room erupted in cheers and applause for what God was doing.

The swelling had reduced in Martin’s face, but he was not yet fully healed. We hope his healing will progress until it is complete.

The conference ended on that note.

Pastor Nancy, who had eaten lunch with us each day, was so moved by what she had learned that she thrust her watch into my hands, saying, “Silver and gold I do not have, but such as I have I give you.” I took it to remind me to pray for her and God’s People in Webuye and western Kenya.

With that, we jumped in the Toyota Prado and headed for Eldoret and the airport.

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